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Senior Medical Nurse

Sondoss is a Senior Staff Nurse (Ward Sister) in a palliative care unit.
She cares for patients with very complex medical history as well as their family and friends.

Since 2007, she developed an expended experience working in A&E, surgical, medical wards and Acute care Departments.

She also spent a year in an Operating Theatre (Neurosurgery, ENT, Gynaecology, Digestive and Orthopedy) and is therefore very aware of Infection Control standards.

Through her experience as a Nurse, taking care of people of all ages (babies to elderly), she developed a great empathy and a need to understand what the patients go through to be able to propose the best support. Very soon, she understood that treating patients only with medicines provides a partial relief. She found out that taking the time to listen to the patients, to acknowledge their worries and fears and to answer their questions is simple and has a very positive effect on their health; as patients are above all humans.

Wet Cupping Therapist

She discovered Wet Cupping Therapy (Hijama) few years back and got fascinated about it. She read most of the books on the topics and then actively looked for Doctors in the UK who are experts in the field and convinced them to train her. She received her certificate from the International Cupping Therapy Society. One of its founders was Dr Tamer Shaban, author of Cupping Therapy Encyclopedia.

Her medical knowledge allows her to understand the science behind the Wet Cupping Therapy and to be updated about the latest research.

With a lot of empathy, Sondoss carefully listens to her patients, reassures them and take the time needed to treat them. She also provides advice in Herbal Medicine and general health guidance to support patients in reaching the healthy life style they aim to.

Sondoss has treated hundreds of patients with WCT suffering with: arthritis, difficulty to conceive, PCOS and other hormonal disorders, migraine, asthma, depression, frozen shoulder, etc….

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