How Does WCT Work?

Wet Cupping Therapy is a natural medicine which aims to restore the natural balance of the body. The human body is made in such a way that it will always try to maintain a balance which is how we define heath.

When the body can’t maintain a balance, we start experiencing symptoms or discomfort. In fact, symptoms are signals sent by the body to warn us that something isn’t working properly or that something is harming us.
Symptoms are very important to listen to as they aim to make us correct our behaviour or seek the necessary help to support our body to heal.  As an example, holding the phone to the ear for a long time will lead to a shoulder or neck pain due to the prolonged contraction of certain muscles. Correcting our posture will ease the pain.
At the same time, the symptoms trigger a series of cell reaction to repair what isn’t going right and restore the balance. These chemical reactions are part of the immune system.


The Wet Cupping Therapy will work on two levels: local and general. Locally, it will allow to clear up the area from the waste release by the cell reactions and other toxins or unhealthy cells. In fact, the analyse of the blood withdrawn during the WCT process is composed of damaged cells, components in excess in the body and very few healthy cells where released. This let us think that the blood withdrawn during the WCT is naturally filtered. we believe that this filtration is performed by the complex structure of the skin.
On a general level, this clearing will allow the production of new cells which will reach the affected area to heal it. Researchers measured the number of white cells before and after a WCT session and found that this amount significantly increase after the WCT. the white cells called leucocytes are a major component of our immune system. That’s why WCT is said to boost the immune system.


So, Wet Cupping Therapy is a simple procedure which support your body boosting its natural healing capacity.