How many sessions will I need?

WCT can be done for many reasons: discomfort, symptoms, ailment, wellbeing routine or even just to try. Any symptom: pain, discomfort, itchiness, oedema, inflammation, etc… are signals or information sent by your body that:

  1. Activate immune responses (the self-healing system of your body)
  2. Make you aware that something isn’t functioning absolutely normally and so that you can act to prevent further damage and protect the area affected. For instance, if you injure your wrist, the inflammation might limit you in moving or so rest it and naturally (or instinctively), you’ll protect it from more injury.

Based on your symptoms, complaints and requests during the consultation, the Wet Cupping Therapist will identify your needs and the goals you can reach with the WCT for you to feel better.

Health-goals will vary a lot from one person to another. In fact, a young patient seeking WCT after a sport injury won’t have to the health-goal that a 70 years old person suffering with arthritis whose condition disables her in her daily life. Based on these needs, the WCTherapist will suggest a course of treatment to reach your health-goal.