Is there any side effects?

The WCT is a simple and safe procedure. It triggers your immune system and so, boost your natural healing capability.

There are few minor side effects that you may experience:

Skin Discoloration:

The cups will leave a slight redness or a dark bruise related to the collection of toxins under the skin. The marks will fade within few hours for the lightest to few days up to 7-10 days for the darkest.


The scratches will dry very quickly and you may then feel itchiness and discomfort.

To help and ease the skin healing, some post treatment care advice will be sent to you when you book a session.


As the skin is stretched during the session, you can feel a slight soreness on the day. Preventing the skin dryness will help with the discomfort.


During the session, due to your blood pressure dropping, you can feel a bit light headed. Thinks will get better with one or two glace of water and something sweet.