Post Treatment Care Advice

You just had your Wet Cupping session done, we hope that it’s been a great experience!

Skin Care

The scratches done are very superficial (like when you do some gardening), each person heals differently, here are few advices to help the skin healing.
The suction created on your skin as well as the scratches done by the therapist can feel a bit sore or itchy; that is perfectly normal considering that the skin has been stretched out.

Day 1 and 2: we recommend to apply oil (olive oil or coconut oil) mixed with Pure Aloe Vera gel regularly on the marks (as soon as you start feeling the itchiness). Please be aware that some people don’t tolerate Aloe Vera gel very well, in that case we recommend to apply oil only.

Day 3 and until your skin heals completely (should take no more than few days): keep your skin moisturized to help the scare healing.
If your skin generally seems dry, that can be a sign that you’re not drinking enough water so try to increase your daily water intake.

What food should I avoid?

Remember that the WCT is a self-healing therapy and that after the session your body will start a great general healing. Through your diet, you can either facilitate this self-healing or make it more difficult.
Animal proteins compared to plant-based proteins can be more difficult to digest as animal proteins consist of protein-dense animal muscle so required a more intense digestion: more chewing, more acid secretion by the stomach parietal cells and more active enzyme secretion by the pancreas.
Also, it is essential to avoid any heavily oiled food such as burgers, fried food, soft drinks and alcohol, or any junk food.
Please be aware that the detoxifying/cleansing process triggered by the WCT will carry on for few days so it is quite common to hear patients experiencing sickness or other digestive discomfort if they heat unhealthy food after the session.
After a WCT session, we advise to go vegan for a couple of days. There is still plenty of food that you can eat:
– Rice, Cereals: oak, quinoa, barley, etc…
– Legumes: lentils, quinoa, chickpeas
– vegetables
– Fruits
– Nuts (almond, Cashew, walnut, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pecan). Prefer them raw and unsalted
– Dry fruits: dates, figs, apricots, etc…

What can I drink?

Both the detoxifying and the self-healing process will require a great effort to your body It is important that you provide extra water to help these processes. We recommend to drink 1.5 to 2L of water a day especially following the WCT session, at least for a couple a day.
Ideally, stimulant drinks (containing caffeine) should be avoided for one or two days. However, if you need your cup of tea or coffee to be able to function or because you’re very used to it, it is fine as the point isn’t to make you feel more stressed. In that case, try to reduce the amount as much as you can.
As for soft drinks including energy drinks and juices from concentrated, we do recommend to stay away from them for the 3-4 days following the session.

Can I have a shower after the session?

The Wet Cupping Therapy will lower down your blood pressure. The hot water of the shower might have a similar effect due to the vaso-dilatation is creates. As a result, your blood pressure might drop too much and you can experience dizziness and drowsiness.
For that reason, we recommend to keep very well hydrated with water after the session and to wait for the following day to have a shower.
The small incisions/scratche done during the session don’t prevent you from having a shower as they are superficial; in the same way that when you scratch yourself while gardening it doesn’t prevent you from washing your hands.

Can I take painkillers?

Yes, if you feel the need, you can. In some rare cases, based on the illness or symptoms treated, you might want to help the soreness with painkillers. During the session, the therapist should let you know if some areas are more sensitive and make sure that you’re happy with the pressure of the cups.
Please note that we don’t recommend to take anti-inflammatory such as Nurofene, Ibuprofene or other. In fact, the inflammation is one of the natural healing processes that we trigger during a WCT session and anti-inflammatories will stop this process. If the soreness is too uncomfortable, we can help it with basic painkillers such as paracetamol (if you are not allergic).

When can I exercise?

Often after a WTC session, patients experience a greater need of sleep and describe their sleep as deeper and better quality. We believe that this is due to the self-healing process triggered by the session. As a comparison, when we have a flue, we tend to sleep much more because our body is focused on healing but don’t worry, after a WCT session, you don’t get the discomfort of the fever, you might just want to sleep.
For that, we advise to rest for few days an avoid intense exercising. However walking is fine and even recommended.

Can I travel straight after a session?

If you’re planning to travel a long distance, let your therapist know when booking the session especially if you’re booking for the first time.