What does a Wet Cupping Therapy session look like?

In prior to a WCT session, there are few simple things to do to get the most of the session. The pre-treatment advice will be sent to you when you book a session.


1. Consultation

This step is essential to ensure that you are eligible for the WCT. The therapist will go through:
-> your medical history
-> the symptoms you might experience
-> your life-style such as your stress level, how demanding is your job and/or your family duties
-> the changes you are trying to implement to improve your life-style


2. Observation

The wet Cupping Therapist will observe the areas that need to be treated, looking for signs of inflammation, congestion, tensions, etc… This step is important as sometimes we might experience symptoms in one area when the origin of symptoms is on another area. For instance, some patients might experience lower back pain when their shoulders show to be misaligned (due to muscle tightness) which has led to the lower back pain. In that case, it is important to treat both areas.


3. The WCT procedure

The Wet Cupping Therapist will start the session with one cup (usually on the top of the back) to allow you to get used to the feeling of suction. The pressure of the suction can be easily adjusted. So, at any time, you can request to decrease or increase the pressure of the suction for you to feel at ease.
The suction created with the cup isn’t painful. It is very often described as weird or unusual but it shouldn’t be painful. In fact, the skin is pulled up by the cup and not pinched.
However, each individual is different and the pain threshold differs from one person to another; our sensitivity might also be different in some parts of the body. This is related to the innervation of each part of the body. You will be asked for each cup applied how do you feel.

This step allows:
-> The body to gather the toxins, damage cells and other body waste under the skin.
-> The suction creates a slight natural anaesthesia of the skin.


4. Scratches

The Therapist will then make very little scratches on your skin and reapply the cups. The scratches are very superficial are not painful neither. As remember the scratches are very superficial (like when you scratch yourself when gardening) and the skin has been numbed by the suction. Patients say it feels like prickles.
At that point, your body will allow the undesired cells to be withdrawn. Although this process of natural filtration is quite complex, there are evidences to say that the skin plays a role of natural filter triggered by the difference of pressure created by the suction.


5. End of the session

The bleeding will stop on its own after few minutes. The clinician will wipe out the areas treated, moisturise your skin and give you relevant information with regards to the post treatment care advice (this will be sent to you when you book a session). The therapist will also be available if you have any question or concerns before and after your session.