What is wet cupping therapy?

Wet Cupping is a natural Medicine known for millenniums. This Medicine, also known as Hijama in Arabic, was practiced all around the world.

During a Wet Cupping session, cups are applied on the skin. We know today that each part of the skin is linked to inner organs through the different networks (blood, lymphatic and nervous).  So applying cups on the skin allows to work on deep organs as well as locally. This explains that Wet Cupping is efficient on local injuries / pains such as shoulder tension, joins injuries… and on treating inner organs such as the brain (migraines), the heart (high blood pressure), genitals (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome, low sperm count), etc…

The basic principle of Wet Cupping is applying cups on the skin, creating a suction, then allow the body to get rid of some specific blood through very light scratches made on the superficial layers of the skin. This process will lead the body to start a self-healing process straight after the Wet Cupping session.

The suction creates a difference of pressure and so an increase of the blood flow inside the body where the cup is applied.

Then the superficial scratches will allow the body to eliminate some blood, this is triggered by the difference of pressure. Scientific research has shown that the skin filters the blood as the kidneys do. So the drops of blood which come out have been found to be highly concentrated in toxins like cholesterol, chronic inflammatory cells, uric acid, damaged and harmful cells… In other words, the body keeps the healthy cells and disposes of the harmful / toxic blood.

Thanks to its amazing safeguarding process, the body will stop the bleeding by its own after few minutes, this is when the cups will be removed.

And this is just the beginning… Wet Cupping triggers the self healing process of the body. Indeed, Wet Cupping creates a controlled minor trauma (a bruise) on the skin which leads the body to heal the skin and the inner parts related to it. In that sense, Wet Cupping is exceptional in terms of prevention.

And as Wet Cupping triggers the self healing process in the body, it can be efficient for many conditions (auto immune, respiratory, skin ailment…) or unhealthy situations (overweight, stress, chronic fatigue…). Depending on the illness or symptoms, Wet Cupping can be an alternative or a complementary therapy.